Dordogne, in the blissful days of summer, unveils a landscape painted with hues of green and gold, adorned with rolling hills, meandering rivers, and picturesque villages. As you step into this idyllic countryside, a sense of tranquility washes over you.  Immerse yourself in the gentle rhythm of nature as you find solace in serene gardens and hidden corners of tranquility. The countryside becomes your sanctuary, offering a sacred space to delve deep within, quieting the mind, and nourishing the spirit. Feel a sense of serenity envelop you as you cultivate mindfulness, expanding your awareness and inviting a profound sense of inner peace

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June 17-22  2024


Movement is medicine for your mind, body and spirit. We follow the rhythm of nature & engage in energizing morning movement to awaken the body and evening practices to  restore the body. Our favorite ways to move is through mind body practices such as yoga and pilates. We believe movement is a way to honor and celebrate the body.  Get ready to reconnect with your body and rediscover the joy of playful movement.

our Philosophy


It's time to quiet the noise. Our body craves movement, but our mind needs stillness. Each of our retreats include meditation & journaling practices to help you refresh your mindset and dip your toes in self discovery. Don't worry you won't have to hold a perfect meditation pose for hours. We are all about balance. Think meditation in a gorgeous field or laying down with your eyes close. If you already have a meditation practice great! If you're new the practice, welcome aboard.



Connect with your inner self, the natural world, and those around you. As humans one of our basic needs is connection. During each Wildly Well Retreat you will enjoy shared experiences with the group ranging from cooking classes in Tuscany to trekking in the French Alps. However, it is really the small moments of connection we live for. Farm-to-table meals, the beauty of falling rain, and  deep, soulful conversations are just a few things that light us up.